Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Report on ES - Dec 15th to 19th '08

Last week's report may have sounded confusing in a way as i clearly indicated a breakout situation while a pullback was also expected. Volatility indeed exacerbated swings on 60mins and lower time frames, and the retracement actually reached PR2 to the 840s even if i thought 875 could have held (it was a strong MM /Fib level).

ES 60mins: despite a fantastic recovery on Friday, our indicators show a possible exhaustion hence the forthcoming high should be lower than most recent ones, at least until new energy is added. We therefore anticipate a pause on the way to low 900s, possibly gathering strength on 875. The swing gradient also looks way too steep to be stable.

ES Daily: we could be tempted to discard the last red bar as it closed near bar friday's high. MTFS line separation is also generally indicative of a lack of underlying forces to carry prices much higher. The bias is however still up and one could see ES hover or even rise a little still. Having said that, a retracement will be necessary at some point this week.

ES Weekly: Entropy has now bottomed so we know prices are likely to recover even though in the usual seemingly chaotic environment. MTFS shows an early crossover, a blue bar and a recovering entropy could all lead to a scenario where price would head to 1000 (Fib + MM) by early January. We however don't anticipate that key level to be passed unless MTFS evolves into a more bullish pattern by then.