Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Update

ES: The up momentum exhausted quickly after the open. Profit taking followed, yet this is nothing more than a return in the same trading range. We'll even notice a change in levels with a stall level on 1305, and now a pivot on current support. Resistance level is now 1313. We'll keep an eye on a possible breakout situation to switch to a lower [1256-1281] segment.

ER: Pause and some profit taking on strong resistance level, but really nothing to worry about.

EURUSD: US$ is still more resilient than expected, so we'll watch this 1.4685 support level very closely. It should certainly hold technically, but summer trading is always full of surprises, so who knows if the market will not decide to settle on 1.4348 before bouncing back a little.

Nota Bene: regular posts will resume next Monday 25th.