Monday, November 09, 2009

Weekly Report - Nov 9th to Sep 13th '09

ES has indeed broken out to about 1070, as mentioned on Friday. It is very volatile and still fairly bullish, however this 1071 level is the 62.8% Fib retracement level which will dictate a return to the dominant up trend or not. The potential reversal is quite strong but is not confirmed yet on the weekly chart. We therefore recommend being cautious or trading the current hesitation period with lower time frames.
TF is also probably looking at peaking soon, and maybe on current levels actually. It has also been quite volatile around "news time" and briefly penetrated its target resistance level. Like ES, it is still aiming a little higher but energy is fading fast and we might see a pullback over the next few days.

EURUSD: Still very bullish. The channel on the daily chart is still valid, so we could see prices close to 1.5 and maybe higher this week. The retracement potential is being exhausted in the short term on the weekly chart, so we might then enter a congestion period in this price range (above 1.465) instead of a US$ recovery. The correlation with indices (and commodities like Gold) is very strong, and profit taking is very much in the cards there...

( posted Monday 6:40 AM UK )