Friday, November 27, 2009

Market Update - Nov 27th '09

ES took a bit of a knock on Thanksgiving, only exacerbated by lighter volumes. It has now hit stall level on 1070 where selling should slow down and maybe even bounce. Reaching strong support level in the low/mid 1060s is however likely. On daily/weekly time frames, even though selling was abrupt we will only validate the "big slide" on a channel breakout.

TF is already on strong support level, and on Fib/MM target on the daily chart. Current levels should hold for a short while, but it looks like the substantial retracement announcement a while ago is under way. If current levels are broken, the next target is in the low 530s.

EURUSD has reversed quite abruptly to also reach a Fib target on current levels (~1.482). Selling pressure is still prevalent in the short run even if lows should hold for now. In case of a bounce, 1.489 (and then maybe 1.495 later on) will be test pivot levels which could send prices further down or not. Mid to long term look a little messy, so shorter time frames are again recommended.

( posted late 8:40 AM UK )