Thursday, November 05, 2009

Market Update - Nov 5th '09

ES found it difficult to pass the mid 1050s as mentioned yesterday to then fall back to a regular Fib level in the low 1040s. Nothing exceptional here. While erosion should continue, we are now entering a phase of uncertainty until lows inthe 1030s are tested and fought again. A new set of time frames will be helpful here. Volume based charts are quite appropriate for instance.
TF is also both bearish and hesitant near support levels. The low 560s must be broken more decisively to open up to new support levels in the mid 540s. There is however some bounce potential along the way at least at daily level for now.

EURUSD: Now that it has retraced to MM/Fib around 1.489, a pause is nothing but normal. We may now enter a period of hesitation with a support level on 1.48 (check Fib levels on 60mins chart). As time goes by, the retracement potential on the weekly chart will keep on fading, and while there could be volatility or congestion, we may have to wait for a MTFS crossover in a couple of months to start seeing a change of regime.

( posted 5:45 AM UK )