Friday, October 23, 2009

Market Update - Oct 23rd '09

ES has been oscillating in a same trading range for about a week now. It is still trying to push higher, and one cannot discard the possibility of a last breakout to the next price segment (~32 points to 1125). I personally think we'll have to go through at least another round of oscillations in the current trading range.

TF is also a little volatile. It is currently sitting on the Fib2 level in the mid 610s, with a bit of buying pressure prior to the open. TF has been leading the retracement so far and since we know a pullback is in the cards, we'll watch the market action carefully. TF must indeed at least pass recent highs and even breakout 625 to escape from the erosion scenario which could accumulate some momentum later on.

EURUSD follows the same path of indecision on target level (stall level to be exact), otherwise nothing new really. Correlation with indices is high. Profit taking to be expected soon, but really nothing major... The US$ has lost all its shine, and this situation should last at least a few months months.

( Posted late, thanks to being down for a while, 9:30 AM UK )