Sunday, December 06, 2009

Weekly Report - Dec 7th to Sep 11th '09

What a day! Friday was the expression of the confusion i have indicated for some time. Swing trading as possible albeith difficult on shorter time frames and we should hope for volatility easing a bit on the way to the festive season. We'll still have to watch our for triple witching, but we'll have time to come back to this later on.

ES ended close to MM/Fib pivot level (1109) where it could either return to some erosion mode or aim back at Fib expansion targets (1115, 1121). Should drifting resume, support on stall (1098) then strong support (1094) won't necessarily break that easily. We can indeed still see a channel on the daily chart, but difficult to say whether ES won't try and hit the MM strong resistance at one point (see screenshot). We will check for a breakout situation on the shorter time frames first.

TF has also gone through some roller-coaster ride to end up near highs where it should aim towards 611 and probably higher close to the string resistance level on 625.
Our longer term scenario of a substantial retracement (weekly chart) is still there but is admittedly slowly fading (EntBin down to 3).

EURUSD reversed on the target provided last week, tested 1.507 for a while then dropped in a freefall. A bounce is possible to now test 1.489, but EURUSD should fall further to 1.477, then even possibly to 1.472. However this 1.482 support level is quite strong, so we can't discard the eventualiy of it holding for a while even though momentarily penetrated. We shall update this outlook during the course of the week.

( Posted Sunday 7:40 PM UK )