Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekly Report on ES - Dec 8th to 12th '08

Something is brewing here... After another very volatile week, ES is attempting a recovery (breakout).

ES 60mins:
What an amazing recovery on Friday afternoon !!! Despite the 875 level which should normally be tested for support we do have some evidence of a potential runaway situation. It is a difficult environment and to be honest, I myself have been rather following 16K and 32K volume charts lately. Alternatively, a lower time frame is recommended. We will also make sure we take trades in the dominant trend given by a higher time frame.

Daily: breakout situation
We do see signs of a recovery in the MTFS yet the pattern is not indicative an easy ride up so we should see a pullback possibly on 875 key level to provide enough energy to takes prices higher then. For the time being, we have to pass recent highs inches away from 900. Should those highs be passed, we'll check Fib levels on the way to 1000, but we'll remain very cautious in this volatile environment.

Weekly: a blue bar !
Yes, like for ER, even if Entropy hasn't bottomed yet, even if MTFS is about stuck in oversold territory, even if Swing is desperately down... we have a blue bar ! It obviously doesn't mean much but we can get ready for a forthcoming turnaround. Oh well, we all know a swallow does not make a summer, but we might have a good week ahead of us.

Daily updates will be posted on this blog.

(posted 2:20 AM Eastern)

Weekly Report on ER - Dec 8th to 12th '08

Dominant TF: 60mins with other time frames not far behind.
Swings: UP-UP-DN from UP-DN-DN (looking better by the day)
Market Direction(daily): staying long.
Options (RUT): put spread.

Last week i mentioned markets would be up overall and yet quite volatile. The situation is about the same now, except maybe that bigger players are ready to move in now more convincingly. We'll see that we still have a lot of volatility ahead, but the change in mindset we picked up last week will be more and more visible.

EURUSD: €/$ is now aiming at 1.288 then 1.293. It could crawl higher even if ever so slowly, and despite the high volatility, we keep our target at 1.37 in January. Over the medium term, we however do have a trading range with a pivot level ~1.27. We'll watch cautiously for higher support levels to confirm the current upper bias.

ER 60mins: aiming at 484 (stall level)
ER is more or less back to the same price area we saw early last week, and the same target around 480 is still valid. We however notice swings being way to steep and MTFS reaching extreme levels again. We don't anticipate a smooth ride to 500 and consolidation will be necessary during the course of the day.

ER Daily: looking better
Even if our long position has shown a pretty shallow take-off, we're believe that ER should reach its first target levels (480 then 500) where we will cautiously tighen our stops. We have a potential channel breakout and Entropy has clearly bottomed. MTFS however reminds us to be cautious, probably indicating some difficulty to pass our first resistance levels on the way to a clearer recovery. If 500 is passed and tested for support, we will update our targets (Fib/MM).

ER Weekly: bottom ?
The weekly chart shows little change from last week. Entropy hasn't bottomed yet, so we'll wait for another week or two at this time frame to see current prices stabilize. However we do notice a blue bar at last and a MTFS while still not looking great shows some upward inflexion now. We do still believe the worst (~380) is behind us but we may (and probably will) see some retracement when our first targets (daily charts) are hit.
Behaviour on that key target area [480-500] will however determine market direction for at least 4 to 6 weeks. We do start plotting Fib target areas in case of a breakout. We are not at a decision point yet at this time frame, so we'll have to review our scenario next week.


(posted Monday 2:50 AM Eastern)