Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Market Update - Oct 14th '09

ES keeps on rising relentlessly... hesitation on highs has now faded so we can expect it to reach 1085 today (maybe 1093).
I know i probably confused some readers with my retracement warning on the weekly chart: yes, it is still there, charts are clearly overbought, but the momentum effect is too strong in the short term.
TF is now loading correctly again here. It is moving along with ES and should aim for the stall level or maybe right to the resistance level on 625.
Again, we have to realize that the retracement scenario is a little more advanced here than on ES hence TF could lead the forthcoming retracement (next week?). We'll come back to it in due course.

EURUSD: US$ is very weak and despite being on a target now (1.489), resistance level could break hence we could hit our longer term target (just above 1.50) earlier than we thought.

( posted 7:15 AM UK )