Thursday, October 29, 2009

Market Update - Oct 29th '09

Market reading has been quite easy lately, and many traders must be smiling ear to ear... ES is now on the 60mins stall level and still looking a little bearish.
The early MTFS crossover is a classic example of a stall which may translate in a soft landing in the low to mid 1030s.
We shall notice again and again our 32 points segments. If this one breaks, we might head onto 1000 again.
The Entropy is very low (EntBin=-5) so a bounce is more than likely, however selling pressure is still too strong in the first hours of the day.
On the daily chart, we notice the channel boundary, the Fib level and a lot of bearishness, so we'll certainly have to check for a breakout.
TF is also coincidentally on a strong support level on both 60mins and daily charts. It is therefore in bounce territory when the selling pressure fades a bit.

EURUSD: on stall level as well (60mins), on the channel low boundary (daily), so a lot in common with our indices. At this point in time while the € could drift a little further, we know that the retracement is bound to be limited (weekly chart) hence we first have to analyse the price behaviour on this stall level (1.471) and on or near strong support level (1.464)

( posted 5AM UK )