Friday, July 03, 2009

Market Update - Jul 3rd '09

Aaaaaah ... At last! We finally got our reversal point. The market reacted on a bad unemployment report at a time when it was already prone to retrace thereby exacerbating its effect.

ES is now aiming at a lower target still, either on 886 (Fib Expansion), or stall (882). We're now at last testing important levels where the market will have to chose between bouncing on the 875 area or retace fully to 840 or lower. We should be able to have an answer within a few days (more details on the weekly report).

ER is following the same path, with a possible pause here in the high 490s (Fib level), but probably aiming lower later on.

Let's note however that it is too early to announce a major retracement. There is a lot of residual energy in the market, and the 875 to 882 area will be the true test. We cannot discard the possibility of the market stabilizing just 1 price segment down, range trading between current lows and 906.

( posted 8:15 AM UK )