Friday, November 20, 2009

Market Update - Nov 20th '09

ES broke out on the down side. It was a typical breakout situation but i admittedly advised to cover both sides on a OCA basis. ES wiped the MM level to fall to the Fib level visible on the daily chart. Here again no surprise, and an easy trade overall. Today 1093 will act as a pivot levelto dtermine whether the index resumes south or not. Indicators will point timidly up to 1097 or even to 1102 but the job hasn't been done i.e. there are still a few sellers out there who will try and keep ES below 1093.
TF fell to stall level and should also try and complete the down pattern before moving on to a new formation. So, the strong support on 578 might be hit to make shorters happy, even if TF should try with much difficulty to move slightly higher (Fib Expansion). The 30 mins chart is easier to read and confirms the scenario. Basically, we're looking at a mild retracement up on the 60mins chart, some upward congestion on the daily chart, with the same weekly chart ready to swing down.

EURUSD looks congested with an upward bias. We have an unambitious short term target at 1.494 for now.

( posted 6 AM UK with an awful headache )