Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Market Update - Nov 24th '09

Short report from London while connecting...

ES broke out as we suspected, even if we again didn't quite catch the volatility spike. Not too important for swing trading though. ES should try and test the same 1093 level today, and remain somewhat messy on the daily chart. This pivot announced on the weekly chart is certainly still hesitant.

TF: same situation... Are we now going to see the much expected pullback...? Like ES, i don't think it will happen overnight.

EURUSD: largely oversold on intrady time frames. It could test 1.49 (MM) again or 1.487 (Fib), but a bounce (spike) is likely. Again, the probability of a sizeable retracement is fading, and we could see more of this congestion for at least a few weeks.

( posted late 8:05 AM UK )