Thursday, October 08, 2009

Market Update - Oct 8th '09

As said yesterday, ES is under conflicting influences, hence "our outlook is still of an upward bias on the hourly chart, of a congestion on the daily chart and of a retracement over the longer term".

ES is now on a strong resistance at 1062 trying to go even higher. Taking the risk of looking stubborn, our outlook is unchanged today.

TF is on stall level with some residual bullishness, so could reach resistance level on 609. Like ES, it should however stall, congest (daily chart), and eventually retrace (weekly chart).

EURUSD: still bullish to 1.477 so we should go with the flow (as always) while remaining cautious. Like indices, we anticipate a peak. Retracement should however be limited.

( posted 6:20 AM UK )