Friday, November 06, 2009

Market Update - Nov 6th '09

ES took us by surprise to get straight back to range highs (top of our price segment at 1062), making chart reading a little more confusing. In the short term, we may see prices staying pretty high, and can't even exclude a possibility of a breakout to 1071 here. However, if we put information from all our time frames in context, and while the weekly pivot is not confirmed yet, we should take this period as normal hesitation around a reversal point, and switch to a lower time frame, take a step back until the fog clears up, or take a shot at it and now wait to go short again.
TF is also on a strong resistance right now with both a clear upward bias in the short term AND a clearer pivot situation on the weekly chart !!
We'll check Fib levels on the daily chart and keep in mind that both indices are highly correlated to take cues from TF and possibly apply them to ES.

EURUSD: The 1.489 resistance level should be tested again from breakout. As said before, the retracement potential on the weekly chart is weakening, and we may have to see the end of the current pattern through the passage of time (up to 2 months) or a sudden breakout to the 1.56 area...

( posted 6:45 AM UK )