Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Market Update - Nov 11th '09

ES behaved as expected, and will now need a extra push to break out again and reach 1113 to 1125. It isn't clear whether this will happen though.
We are really entering a "confusion" area, but having said that, one should always refrain from adopting a contrarian view and go short too early.
Shorter time frames are recommended.

The situation is similar on TF with a strong resistance on low 590s. There is still some residual buying pressure for now, and we may see highs being tested once again, but a reversal point is in the cards within a day or two.

EURUSD: "high and hesitant" i said yesterday. We have clear support and resistance levels provided by yesterday's high and low. A breakout (probably on the low side, but who knows...) is possible, but congestion is more likely. A lower time frame (30mins or less) will provide clearer pivot points.

( posted 6:55 AM UK )